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Vision, Principles, Values and Aims

Our vision

Together: achieving excellence every day.


Our Principles

We are a safe and inclusive school that is adaptive and responsive to individual need.

Community cohesion is at the heart of all we do in order to instil pride and community engagement and build trusting relationships.

Our curriculum is progressive and underpinned by an understanding of how children learn and how knowledge is assimilated into long term memory. Taken from the National Curriculum, it is subject based and built upon to address the needs of our localised community. Curriculum development (both academic and social/ emotional) is underpinned by research. We have an evidence informed approach to teaching and learning.

Coleridge’s curriculum is based on a rich accumulation of knowledge, skills and attributes that contribute to success. It aims at developing the whole child: intellectually, physically, emotionally and socially.  We provide opportunities through a wide range of activities, both in and beyond the classroom. Through first-hand experience, we endeavour to educate and celebrate the whole child.

We recognise that we need to develop children’s knowledge of themselves as learners through use of self-regulation and metacognition. ​We teach strategies for children to organise their knowledge; how to plan, monitor and evaluate their learning as well as attending to their motivations.


Our Core Values and Aims


We aspire for our children to show the following learning qualities:

  • To develop an enquiring mind
  • To be able to make reasoned judgements and choices
  • To develop independent thought
  • To develop perseverance
  • To be able to identify problems, investigate and find solutions
  • To be able to plan independent work and organise their own time
  • To encourage creative thinking
  • To learn how to acquire information from various sources and record this in a variety of ways
  • To be able to communicate ideas and information in a variety of ways for different occasions and purpose


We desire to develop social awareness and children’s personal development so they can:

  • Enjoy the same experiences regardless of sex, race religion or colour
  • Be sensitive to the needs of others
  • Grow a set of beliefs and values
  • Mature in confidence to make and hold moral judgements
  • Develop respect for religious and moral values of other religions, races and ways of life


We aim to foster a sense of belief within a child by developing the following:

  • To develop an awareness of self-confidence
  • To develop sensitivity to others
  • To develop self-discipline
  • To develop self-esteem
  • To develop acceptable behaviour
  • To develop cooperation


We aim to develop children’s achievements by delivering the following:

  • To create high standards of learning experiences for all children by providing access to all areas of the National Curriculum
  • To create a lively and stimulating learning environment that is exciting today, as well as a preparation for the future
  • To create a caring, secure environment so that all in school feel a sense of worth
  • To develop a caring attitude for the environment
  • To create a partnership with parents
  • To develop a positive place for the school within the community
  • To create a ‘feel good’ factor, so that each individual feels good about themselves, about what they do and about the school