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Assessment Information

Assessment at Coleridge

Assessment lies at the heart of the process of promoting children’s learning. It provides a framework within which educational objectives may be set and children’s progress expressed and monitored. This should be done in partnership with the children as they have a shared ownership of their learning, and full understanding of their next steps in learning and how this is supported and enhanced.

Daily assessment is incorporated systematically into teaching strategies in order to diagnose any problems and chart progress in a wide variety of ways, for example through: pupils being clear about what and how they are learning, questioning, marking and verbal feedback.

Our Assessment System at Coleridge Primary School

Children are expected to be working within their Year Group Band, which has been broken into 3 main development points:

  • Entering (ideally by the end of the Autumn term)
  • Developing (ideally by the end of the Spring term)
  • Secure (ideally by the end of the Summer term)

Once secure, you can then begin to ‘master’ the year group objectives. Where the child is expected to deepen their knowledge and understanding.

Children take 3 formal assessments throughout the year. From these assessments, gap analysis takes place which informs teachers about objectives needed to revisit and will inform their intervention action plans.

As always, there will be opportunities at Parent Consultation Evenings to discuss your child’s progress and attainment, along with an end of year school report.